Never Say Die


A 1950 Cossor Melody Maker 501 in a very sorry state.  On first glance, we thought it was a completely lost cause and it was very nearly consigned to the skip.   At the very last moment, something made us reconsider and we thought we’d give it a go.



Boy are we glad we did.  As you can see, after a little bit of TLC, the Bakelite case was restored to its former glory and the vintage valves sounded just as wonderful as they did back in the 1950s.




  1. Andy · July 2, 2013

    Just inherited a Cossor Melody Maker and was thinking of getting it working again. What are the options?

  2. waynesradios · July 2, 2013

    Hi Andy, I’ve sent a message to your email address with the details.

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