The Return of the Radiogram

ImageAccording to The Sunday Times, Sideboards have finally made a comeback. 

“Homeowners have an on/off love affair with the sideboard. Adored by the G Plan generation, and a staple of smart homes in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, it got the cold shoulder in subsequent decades, consigned to the same design limbo as three-piece suites and linoleum. When midcentury modern style made a comeback in the late Noughties, however, those pared-back 1950s shapes began to look newly alluring, and we rediscovered a lust for long, low-slung cupboards — invaluable for everything from storing china to supporting the telly.”

So why not go one step better and make it a radiogram.

The once forgotten radiogram is back,  bang on trend, and look what we’ve got ready and waiting for a new home.  Load it with cocktails and sit right back and enjoy the sounds of the sixties.  If you can’t be faffed with playing records, we can take out the record deck and make even more room for storing the glasses and icebucket.  You can plug in your iPod or MP3 player and off you go.


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    • waynesradios · April 16, 2014

      You’re very lucky with your beautiful home. Not many people have the right room to show off radiograms or sideboards to their best advantage. We currently have one in the workshop where mid-restoration radios rest (Wayne likes to listen to as he works) and a great 1960s one out in the shed that we’d almost forgotten about until yesterday. The sun’s been shining for a few days and gripped by a bit of spring fever and a sudden rush of blood to the head, Wayne had a major move around and there it was. It’s now sitting outside under a gazebo with a cream 1950s phone on top of it and a couple of chairs just waiting for a party. I imagine there it will stay for a few days, until the weather takes a turn for the worse and it has to go back in the shed. If only he had a proper shop, so many radios … and so little space to show them off.

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