The Toaster

We call this the toaster.   If it’s good enough for the V&A it’s good enough for Wayne’s Radios. They have theirs in storage but we’ve got one ready and waiting to  be restored and you could have one on permanent display. This lovely looker was designed by Lawrence Griffin and made in moulded Bakelite by Kolster Brandes Ltd in the early fifties. Although this was the first British radio to sell over one million, it is sadly the only one we’ve found so far.

Kolster Brandes Toaster Radio



  1. Kath · April 22, 2014

    Hello I have one of these radios at my late mothers home . It works I believe ! If you are interested in knowing more my email is

    • waynesradios · April 23, 2014

      Hi Kath
      It’s always good to hear when a radio is still working. I would be very interested to know some family history and memories attached to your radio and have a photo so I can write about it here on our blog, and/or … if you are interested in selling we need to your “best price” and where you are located. Many thanks for thinking of us.

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