Rare Robin Day Radio

Take a look at our newly restored iconic Transistor Radio designed in 1958 for Pye Ltd by the inspirational designer Robin Day.

This sleek minimalist design was made in anodised aluminium, leather and plastic. Just like his furniture, Robin Day’s radio designs were way ahead of their time.


Robin Day is regarded as one of the most influential British designers of the 20th Century.   Although perhaps best remembered for his polypropylene moulded stacking chairs designed in 1963 and sold in their thousands, he was a massive influence on modern post-war design. From 1957 to 1965 he also designed radios, radiograms and televisions for Pye Ltd.


“There’s this vulnerable planet of ours with finite resources.  Architects and designers have, I think, a fair responsibility for conserving energy and materials and making things durable”.
Robin Day

Fifty three years later whilst millions of poorly designed transistor radios have fallen by the wayside, this little beauty is still going strong.  It may have temporarily dropped out of fashion, sometime around the 80s when the world went slightly mad, but is now back once more to its rightful place as an object to be desired, which is appreciated for both its function and its style.

robin day reclinerI

If you want one of these chairs, available from twentytwentyone, the Transistor PYE 444 will be the must have accessory.


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