London Bound


We’re heading for Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday with a selection of vintage transistor radios and this 1959 Ultra 101.

A first generation transistor portable radio in a veneered plywood case and finished with a gold trim. Just take a look at the back …


I guess they couldn’t agree which design looked best, so they used both.  What a smart looking thing it is too.  Do you think radios might age better than people?


  1. Debbie · April 18, 2013

    Ah, 1959. A good year!

  2. MasonBentley · April 19, 2013

    Spooky! Just posted on Spitalfields..have an amazing time!

    • waynesradios · April 19, 2013

      Thanks, we’re going to suss it out to see if they like our radios and see what everyone else is selling!

  3. macingosh · April 25, 2013

    The blue and white paintwork gives a very maritime look to it. I presume this one being perfect for yachting especially with a vintage Riva on Lago Maggiore.

    • waynesradios · April 25, 2013

      You’re absolutely right. This little lovely was snaffled up very quickly but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for something similar in case we ever get past a dinghy.

  4. stuartm1970 · April 27, 2013

    Reblogged this on Vintage Watches Middle East and commented:
    Here at VintageWatchesMiddleEast, we’re very partial to a nice dial, this cracking vintage example deserves a twirl, even if it wont fit on our wrist.

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