The Sound of Music

All this talk of vinyl got me thinking about my first ever LP.  It was the soundtrack to The Sound of Music.  I knew every word, of every song.  It was my birthday present, along with a trip to the Pictures in 1965.


No ordinary trip,  we didn’t take our sandwiches and a flask to our local flea pit,  but went on a great adventure all the way to the big pictures in Blackpool. Imagine the enormous, red velvet seats, the feeling of grand occasion and the six year old me wallowing in wonderment.   The sights and sounds of Julie Andrews and all those children singing their socks off on the silver screen. I’m not sure we even had a telly at home then.  It was that big a deal.  It was the greatest day of my life.

Now imagine a split second later.  No one had warned me about this.  I was in utter turmoil.  What to do for the best?  Whilst the entire rest of the cinema were standing up for the National Anthem, my lefty parents stayed firmly rooted to their seats.  A simple little Catholic girl, I’d spent every Sunday until then dutifully standing up when everyone else stood up and sitting down when they sat down and just when I’d cracked it … this happened.  I was certain every eye in the cinema was on us.  I felt as red as my seat, bobbed up and down a bit and was finally mightily relieved when it was all over.  The music stopped, I wasn’t dragged off to the tower but could have been emotionally scarred for the rest of my life.


Until 1977 and along came the Sex Pistols.  I didn’t have to think about standing up for this rendition of God Save the Queen, I instinctively knew what to do.  I just pogoed.  Bobbed up and down a lot, but this time everyone else joined in.

Tell me about your first record.


  1. reretro · May 1, 2013

    ah, the 1960s….it does make me laugh, my son is studying Sound & Music at UTS this year, and i [hilariously] call it the Sound OF music. i offered to make him lederhosen to wear [made out of old curtains.] he refused.

  2. MasonBentley · May 2, 2013

    Sort of was Queen! with the late, great Eddie Mercury! x

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