Farmyard Vintage Radio Challenge


We do like a challenge here at Wayne’s Radios.  Our latest endeavour was found lurking in the back of a barn.  It’s got woodworm holes, bird poo and a complete spider cemetery, but we will not be beaten.  In fact, watch this space.  As this vintage valve radio is in such poor condition and should really have ended in a skip, we’re going to give it a complete transformation and maybe even get a bit creative.

Most Cossors are common or garden.  They were made in their thousands in the early fifties in wood or bakelite but the large speaker gives out a good sound and lots of volume so this one definitely deserves a second chance.



  1. macingosh · May 22, 2013

    Oh dear, how many spiders spent their entire lifes in that radio? Must have been hundreds.

    • waynesradios · May 23, 2013

      At the very east. It’s definitely no job for an arachnophobe. I stood well back and waited for it to be cleaned before I joined in the fun.

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