A Gem of a Dansette


Not your normal Dansette.  A Dansette Gem.

Most people would think of the Dansette Record Player which sold over a million and made Dansette a household in Britain in the 1950s and 60s.  Dansette products were designed by Samuel Margolin and manufactured by J & A Margolin Ltd, originally based in old Street in London.


They were the ‘must have’ record player for the new teenager generation.  It came in it’s own carry case and could be hauled around to wherever the party was at.

By 1969 they were no longer produced and the company went into liquidation as cheap Hi Fi imports began to flood in from the Far East.  Although an iconic look, the Dansette record player is sadly not a high quality sound.

The Dansette Gem transistor radio was made in 1963.  We won’t know how good the sound is until it’s restored but the colour and shape are impressive.

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