1953 Regentone Radio. Made the year of the Queen’s Coronation. This is another of our radios in a terrible state and just begging for one of our extreme makeovers. Beach Hut Blue was very popular last time … any ideas?


We have two of these radios, both requiring a complete overhaul.  Woodworm and spiders just seem to adore radio cabinets.  On the positive side, this does afford us the opportunity to indulge our creative streak.  If we can save another radio from the skip, it makes the restoration seem all the more important and worthwhile.

Back in 1953, they thought it was the beginning of the end for the radio.  People were desperate to take advantage of the opportunity to see the young Queen in all her glory at her Coronation. TV sets became cheaper, they could be rented or even bought on the never, never making them more accessible to the ordinary man.


Whilst television viewing became commonplace, it’s rise in popularity was unable to spell the end for radio broadcasting and the wonderful radio.


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