From A Land Down Under


It’s funny how a vintage radio can give you a little clue as to its history.  WA, QLD, TAS, NSW points immediately to where this little valve radio started its life and I can’t help singing ….

Do you come from a land down under? …


Made by the Kriesler Radio Company in Newtown Sydney way back in 1959. This radio travelled in the opposite direction to the Ten Pound Poms making their way to a new life.   Two hundred and fifty thousand migrants found life too tough and returned to England – the Wingeing Poms.   Not surprisingly many returners came to realise that, though the grass was definitely greener back home they preferred the way of life Australia had offered.  Unable to settle they acknowledged that they had made a big mistake and returned to Australia, this time becoming known as the Boomerang Poms.

I’m really glad this little possum made its way over here and stayed – just look at the little Bobby Dazzler now.


Fully restored and playing from my iPod we’ve moved on from listening to Men At Work to the wonderful Tom Waits’ rendition of Waltzing Matilda.  What next Crowded House?  This theme could run and run.  Any suggestions?

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