Comic Strip Radio


With my very own Superman, I’ve just had a go at breathing new life into a vintage extension speaker. These can sometimes be found lurking in the back of junk shops gathering dust.  Not wanting to see anything that can be used or re-purposed go to waste, we took up the challenge and ta da ….


Meet our latest iPod/mp3 amplifier.  Cheerfully finished off with a collage made from a tatty and dogeared 1968 annual.  Once drab and dreary, beige and broken, it couldn’t look more different.  Now fully functioning and looking seriously smart.


And as for Batman and Superman, why they’ve hooked up together and got involved with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? Perhaps the inspiration for the story came from a particularly trippy sixties dream.  If only they’d got hold of Doctor Who … now that would make complete sense – Time Lord and seasoned time traveller.


  1. rubyfoot · September 8, 2013


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