You Learn Something New Every Day

A tiny zingy green 1950s vintage radio has sent me on a long learning journey.

Today I learnt that the colour of this radio is Kelly Green.


A customer asked me and, as I have never heard green described as kelly green before, I Googled it and yes .. I thought it was.


She also asked me if this Kelly Green radio would plug into her Canadian plug socket and I Googled it and I now know that mains electricity in Canada is different from the UK.

English: Countries of the world, colored accor...

Countries of the world, colored according to their nominal power net voltage and frequency.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Then that made me consider if it should be different to or different from.  So, I Googled it and I have learnt that it is grammatically correct to say different from. Then I began pondering about learnt and learned.  I couldn’t decide, so I Googled it and discovered that it is perfectly accurate and acceptable to say either learnt or learned.  Apparently the -t ending is particularly English and may make my writing appear to have ” a slight hint of fustiness” to an international audience. I quite like that.  Quite apt when I deal with vintage on a daily basis.

So it is true.  You do learn something new every day.  The only problem seems to me that when you put something new into your brain, something old drops out. Thank you Google.  Memory top up on tap.

One comment

  1. frenchapple10 · October 7, 2013

    a slight hint of fustiness! love that! you should cultivate that!…isn’t great that when googling one thing leads to another and your wondering leads you wandering ….sometimes across the world… to find the answers to even the most trivial but amusing questions.

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