Seeing Double


Originally we thought our two 1953 Regentone radios were the same.  Looking back at the photographs of the first restored radio we realised that there were several subtle differences in their styling.   Although they share the same grille, knobs and trim, the insides differ by an odd one or two components and they have a different shaped front, glass and stand.


Radio history reports that for some years after World War Two, radios were often made produced by using random bits and pieces of stockpiled radio parts and there is very little evidence of standardization of parts, construction or design.   It must have been a much more laid back approach to manufacturing.  Perhaps less Kaizen philosophy and more an “anything you can do I can do better” approach.  “You do it your way, I’ll do it mine”.  Or maybe … they just couldn’t decide and so they made both designs.   I like to think that these radios are the product of a creative workforce back in 1953. The year of the Queen’s Coronation, the end of sweet rationing and Bill Haley’s first performance of Rock Around the Clock.

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