The Advantage of an Old Tin Roof

Hugh writes about his experience of vintage radios.

Hugh's Blog

Radio reception in Jura is terrible.  When we came up to Jura as a family, we would always want to listen to the news and took a keen interest in the BBC shipping forecast.  It’s true that the weather takes on far more importance here as it’s more directly connected with everything that goes on.  The shipping forecast is sometimes the most accurate way of predicting what is about to hit you!

But my memory is more of not listening to the BBC than listening to it.  Programmes on our little radio would always be masked by hiss, interference and the somewhat bizarre interweaving of distant Russian or Scandinavian broadcasts.

These sounds always fascinated me.  I also now realise that, in an age when we completely take for granted media of all kinds being fed into our homes, the sound of a radio struggling to tune in to the world…

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