Ringing the Changes

We like restoring vintage radios to their former glory.   Not only bringing the sound back to life but also working on the cabinets, both bakelite and wood. These radios appeal to traditionalists and purists and are a joy to work on. Every radio tells a story and provides a very positive and tangible connection with the past.


On the other hand,  we like to ring the changes and take every opportunity to take a distressed radio and bring it back to life, be creative and add our mark.

Some radios have damaged or wormy cabinets and they give us licence to perform a major face-lift.  Take one plain Bush vintage valve radio from the early 1950s and add a different touch.  It could be Nordic Blue,


Seville Orange,


or even Gingham.


Working on these radios is particularly exciting.  How they will end up has only been in our imagination and we have to wait with bated breath for them to be reassembled.

Add an mp3 or iPod and we’re down with William Morris having nothing in our home that we don’t know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.  We haven’t been disappointed yet.

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