Bells and Whistles


I love a radio with a back-story.  We recently acquired this beautiful tiny EKCO transistor radio and it came complete with this little tale from its previous owner.

“I‘d love to tell you a story about it.  The back panel was held on with bailing twine and the thing was black when I got it.  It came to me from a farmer who told me that it had lived in his tractor since the ’60s.  The only reason he was selling was because he’d just got a brand new tractor with a CD player in it. Ha”.

I had to check out what this tractor might look like and imagine my new radio taking pride of place in the cab.


I couldn’t help wondering about the 2013 version complete with four wheel drive, air conditioning, radio, CD, aerial and speakers.  How times change.


What about the 2013 radio.


“Easy to use, compact radio with great audio and chic design Featuring a kitchen timer, alarm and auto-dimming OLED display, input for your iPod and takes an optional ChargePAK rechargeable battery pack for portable listening.  Intellitext for on-demand access to stored scrolling text from participating broad-casters, textSCAN to pause and control scrolling text, Light sensor adjusts the display brightness to suit the light-levels in your room, dedicated kitchen timer button tone or radio alarm and 30 presets (digital or FM)”

There are more bells and whistles on the portable radio than on the tractor – but you can still give me a vintage radio any day.

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