1961 Vintage Transistor Radio

Way back in 1961, Dansette most famous for record players, took their brand new transistor radio to the National Radio Show at Earls Court in London.


In 2014 in our Vintage Radio workshop, we have a beautiful example of just how lovely one of those radios would have looked.


From 1961, but still looking amazing, a tiny 222 Dansette Transistor Radio.  We’ve had one or two through the workshop, but usually showing much more sign of wear and tear.  Radios have always been well loved and an important part of everyday life, and as a consequence many are covered in paint spots and nicotine, have chunks out of them, dints in them and the covering is ripped or torn.

This one is going to have an mp3/ipod input added so that its owner can, not only continue to enjoy looking at that classic sixties styling, but also listen to some great 1961 classics from the ipod.  I’m thinking Elvis Presley’s Are You Lonesome Tonight, or maybe the Everly Brothers singing Walk Right Back …  He could make a playlist starting with 1961 and going on from there.

What would be on your playlist from the past fifty years?

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