Success of Sorts


Drum Roll

 We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve managed to find our very own Ferranti 145 “jelly mould” radio.

Sadly there’s not a full complement of knobs, the wiring has completely disintegrated and the cabinet seems to have saved seventy years worth of dust and dirt.  It won’t be a quick fix, but hey, we like a challenge.

On the plus side, the bakelite cabinet is sound and with a bit of TLC will be as good as new.

Having done a bit of research, we were surprised to discover the beautiful styling on the case produced in 1945 wasn’t original but had previously used on the, now rare, Nova Consolette way back in 1936.   As was often the way with radio production at this time, post-war manufacturers had to make do and mend, using surplus or mixed and matched pre-war components and cabinets.

Thinking about it,  I don’t know why it came as such a surprise.  The shape and line of this radio shouts 1930s design loud and clear.  Battersea_Powerstation_-_Across_Thames_-_London_-_020504

Function and form, a strong symmetrical shape, bold and beautiful lines.  Think Battersea Power Station or the Chrysler Building.


One thing that does surprise.  This radio is not as big as it looks.  From the photograph I was expecting to see a beast of bakelite but no, it’s very neat and compact but still weighs a ton.

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