Modern Times


This grand looking GEC radio was first manufactured in 1937.   Looking back at some significant world events for this year lends some perspective to just how long ago this was and how much has changed.

It was made the year after Charlie Chaplin’s talkie Modern Times was first released bringing with it the end of the silent movie. The Coronation of King George VI took place at Westminster Abbey and was filmed becoming the first Outside Broadcast.  4012004-16x9-940x529Significantly, the Great, great, great grandson is currently touring Australia and we have a minute by minute report of his trip beamed by satellite with both sound and colour as we’ve come to expect.    In 1937 The Duke of Windsor was finally free to marry Wallis Simpson in France and in Germany Hitler held a secret meeting to inform his military leaders that he intended to go to war.   On a lighter note, the first issue of the Dandy was published introducing speech bubbles instead of captions for comic readers and SPAM was created and continues to be either enjoyed or endured .. like marmite.

This radio could also be something you will also either love or hate with its solid and simple styling and dark wood finish.  But you must take your hat off to it still being around and appreciate the fact that it still works after nearly eighty years.

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