Big is Beautiful


In spite of spending the best part of the last fifty years at the back of the garage, this seriously sad and lonely 1954 GEC vintage valve radio has now been completely transformed.   Thoughtlessly abandoned in the swinging sixties, it was tossed aside the minute that newfangled tiny transistor radio upstart turned up, all clever and full of its own importance.   


Where is that trendy upstart now eh? … Landfill.  The valve radio is having a revival.  The GEC is back to claim its rightful place.  Big is beautiful once more.  

Wayne can always see the true potential of a radio.  You can’t fool him with missing knobs and dusty dials. Not only is he a wizard with a soldering iron and an oscilloscope, but he also has an amazing eye for detail.  He can recognise a good bit of design when he sees it and another Vintage valve radio lives to play another day.





  1. reretro · May 4, 2014

    fabulous- it sure has scrubbed up well.

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