Great British Menu

P1060083This GEC vintage radio has long been one of our favourites.  One of the first radios that Wayne restored, originally full of woodworm, with bits missing and metal work so completely black and pitted it looked like a lost cause.  It seemed a good place to start.  If he could make something of that he could do anything and if he couldn’t … it was in such a bad place the skip was the best place for it.

Back in October we got a message from Aktar Islam’s people asking if we had a radio suitable for broadcasting Winston Churchill’s speeches.  Aktar Islam is an award-winning Chef and Restaurateur and was taking part in the up-coming Great British Menu.  To cut a long story short, his people talked to our people – well me and we suggested that this little radio might fit the bill.


We carefully packed the radio up and his people arranged for it to be collected and delivered to the studio.  They then asked if they could keep it for a bit longer and we weren’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it was lost or broken.  To our relief, it did finally come back in once piece but sadly with no news from Aktar’s people of how well it had gone and we assumed our radio had ended up forgotten or at best on the cutting room floor.

The days moved into weeks and the weeks into months until at last a friend said she’d seen our radio on the tele.  Thank goodness for Catch Up. There it was on Great British Menu just before the pudding was served.


We were so proud.  An invite to award- winning Aktar’s restaurant might have been nice .. but hey you can’t have everything and when we’ve sold a few more of Wayne’s radios we’ll book a table at Aktar’s to celebrate.


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