Push Button Perfect


Oh I do love a piano-key push button radio.  The very latest must have in mid-fifties radio and to me they just shout sophistication. Here are two of the latest additions to the Wayne’s Radios collection and, even in their pre-restored state, these divas are just too darn handsome to be hidden away on a shelf in the store.  The smaller of the two is a Bush VHF 71 made in London in 1958 and the larger, a 1959 Diora Calypso 62015 from Poland. I think the Calypso wins hands down.  It’s big, bold and brassy. Just when I’d got that one sorted, another cat crept in, and now I just don’t know .. P1090161 If big is beautiful, the 1959 Orien from Hungary is definitely in with a chance.  This one is bigger and bolder and brassier.  With its blingy patterned tuner glass and a tantalising twelve piano keys, it must be destined to end up in a bar or cafe.  It’s sitting there shouting “LOOK AT ME” and I bet it has a sound to match.

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