What’s Your Taste in Furniture?

A252_thumb (154x240)

Make no mistake, this all-wave receiver is as reliable a Murphy set as any we’ve ever made – so you’ll probably have it to live with for many years to come.  Will you ever grow tired of seeing it around the house?  We’ll stick our necks out and say you won’t.

The 252 is a first-class piece of engineering and a very fine piece of furniture.


So said the advertising leaflet to promote the Murphy A252 way back in 1956 and they weren’t wrong.  Technology may have moved on apace and the African walnut veneer may be a little tatty and tired, but whether you listen to Brahms or Bebop, the Proms or The Show Band Show on the A252 you’ll hear every note as though you’d got a seat by the orchestra.



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