Bits and Pieces


This beautifully styled Grundig TK24 is a four-track mono tape recorder made in Germany some time between 1959 and 1962.  It looks like a neat little overnight suitcase when closed up – but you really wouldn’t want to travel far – the electronic wizardry inside means it weighs a ton.


“See and hear Grundig quality for yourself; the simplicity; the compactness; the styling; the really first rate performance of a new model, that will stay ‘new’ for years.”

For those too young to know, let me explain.  After the Second World War, developments in recording technology had moved apace, enabling the production of the domestic reel-to-reel tape recording machines.  Sadly not many years.  They were difficult to use, tapes got chewed up and mangled by machines, the tapes themselves deteriorated and manufacturers speedily moved on to develop various cassettes and cartridges to make life easier.  Then finally tape itself, as a means of recording sound and vision, moved into technological obsolescence with the arrival of the Compact Disc.

All is not lost, the vintage Grundig is working once more and whilst the original tape quality, by our modern ear’s standard is poor, music played direct from iphone, using the machine as its amplifier is a sound sensation.  Thanks, yet again, to the wonderful warm glow from the valves.

Now we’ve just got to put all the bits and pieces back together again in its neat little case and it will be good to go.

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