Defiance in the Face of Adversity



  1. marked by resistance or bold opposition, as to authority; challenging  

Our little Defiant is a MSH 248 made in 1947 by the Co-operative Wholesale Society.

The Co-operative movement were selling radios back in the 1920s when broadcasting began. Their first specialist wireless shop was opened by the Barnsley British Co-operative Society in 1925.

By the late 1920s the co-operative movement was so successful that the independent radio traders became increasingly disgruntled.   They put pressure on the Radio Manufacturers’ Association to cease supply, claiming the dividend that the co-operatives gave on sales was unfair trading.  This resulted in a boycott by the main radio manufacturers and the co-operatives had no radios to sell.

Not to be beaten, the Co-operative Wholesale Society revealed the solution to their problem at a trade fair in Manchester on 5th November 1933.   In a bold bid to get round the cartel and price-fixing practiced by the major radio players of the day, they made use of their factories already producing goods for sale by co-operative societies, to manufacture their own radios.  Radios believed to be designed by Plessey and aptly branded Defiant.

The CWS continued to be successful, boldly opposing and challenging authority and selling many radios.

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