All Change

It’s all change here at Wayne’s Radios.  The last twelve months began with the great excitement of packing up radios, moving them into storage and selling the old family home in anticipation of a whole new chapter.


The plan was to give up work, downsize, move to the Wirral, and enjoy more time to devote to both radio rescue and the restoration of a newly acquired 1974 vintage Airstream.


You know what plans did.  Went badly wrong.

We were unexpectedly left wading through the vagaries of the British conveyancing process.  Trying our very best to buy a house from an old lady who couldn’t remember that she was selling a house.  We were left not quite sofa surfing, more Travelodge surfing.  What started out as a temporary measure began to feel like life might be permanently on hold.   It was time to regroup and move on to Plan B.

Plan B?   Start again …

Although a lot further on than the three months initially anticipated, we’re finally in a different house.   The workshop now takes over the top floor and, if you work standing up, has a view of the Irish Sea, the Mersey and Liverpool docks.  Who knew how exciting it would be having an indoor shed.

The lockup on the East Coast is now gradually being emptied and the contents relocated.  It’s not a quick job moving over 200 radios from one side of the country to the other and finding somewhere to put them but we’re on the way.

And finally, the Airstream restoration is nearing completion and it will soon be ready to move to its new home in Wales … that’s a story all in itself.





  1. Liz Alcock · May 4, 2018

    Have fun! One of your unknown queue is safely stored in our house. Shall wait until you have settled!
    Good lyck!

  2. Washe Koda · May 4, 2018

    Ya need more ‘pop-up’ antennas on the airstream 😉

  3. itwasjudith · May 4, 2018


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