Fabulous Forties


We’d love to share with you this great forties Cossor in our trademark Nordic Blue.  One of our latest before and afters.  I know, looking distinctly green in this light but, in its original state, this Cossor did look shabby and certainly not chic.  Looking unloved and sorry for itself it was just begging for a makeover.

When it was chosen as a gift for a thoroughly modern miss, the brown and boring just had to go. Wayne’s Radios waved its magic wand and the radio now sits stylishly in her room.  We know she’s chuffed to bits at how it’s turned out. We hope you agree it’s a great improvement.


Creative Cossor

The best form of recycling.  Taking something boring and broken and turning it into a functioning work of art.


You never know quite what it’s going to look like until it’s all back together again, the lights come on and the sound comes out.


Only then can the artist and the engineer stand back and fully appreciate what they’ve both achieved.


Morning Starlet


I would recommend a 1953 Philips Starlet and a couple of dippy eggs as the perfect start to the day.   What more could you possibly need to set you off on just the right note on a miserable winter’s morning.  It’s a sound sensation.

Hollywood starlets back in 1953 included the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Ava Gardener.


Of course, we know Marilyn Monroe was a big radio fan.  One of her most famous quotes came about when asked about her risque appearance as a calendar girl.  Blonde she may have been but certainly not dumb.  Her quick-fire response was factual and flirty, meaningful and concise.

“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”


Can Cinderella Go To The Ball?


We took a dirty and damaged Ferguson Finesse radio from 1953 and brought it back to life.  It’s had an electronic overhaul to get it working again and we’ve replaced the missing magic eye.


Now we’re left with a real dilemma. Despite our best efforts, we’ve had no success hunting down a replacement speaker cloth.  None that would do the transformed radio justice. Do we leave well alone and accept that this sixty year old is a stunner and still in pretty good shape without a complete facelift, or do we compromise and go for straight, plain and wrinkle free?

You Learn Something New Every Day

A tiny zingy green 1950s vintage radio has sent me on a long learning journey.

Today I learnt that the colour of this radio is Kelly Green.


A customer asked me and, as I have never heard green described as kelly green before, I Googled it and yes .. I thought it was.


She also asked me if this Kelly Green radio would plug into her Canadian plug socket and I Googled it and I now know that mains electricity in Canada is different from the UK.

English: Countries of the world, colored accor...

Countries of the world, colored according to their nominal power net voltage and frequency.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Then that made me consider if it should be different to or different from.  So, I Googled it and I have learnt that it is grammatically correct to say different from. Then I began pondering about learnt and learned.  I couldn’t decide, so I Googled it and discovered that it is perfectly accurate and acceptable to say either learnt or learned.  Apparently the -t ending is particularly English and may make my writing appear to have ” a slight hint of fustiness” to an international audience. I quite like that.  Quite apt when I deal with vintage on a daily basis.

So it is true.  You do learn something new every day.  The only problem seems to me that when you put something new into your brain, something old drops out. Thank you Google.  Memory top up on tap.

The Future is Orange


It’s always a bit exciting when we put the radio back together.   Adding a modern finish to a vintage valve radio is something of a leap of faith, but when this is what it starts out like this …



… it just has to be done.

The 1959 Kolster Brandes Nocturne has an unusual shape, resembling a wedge of cheese from the side, and fortunately had retained all its original parts.  We particularly liked how the cream knobs were off-set on the front and so we just went for it.

The cabinet front was painted in a bright zingy orange to bring out the colour in the tuning dial.  After several hours work, the radio was reassembled, whilst we held our breath.   We think the final result, once again, has made it all worthwhile. The 1959 Kolster Brandes Nocturne is now a thing of great beauty and sounds great.  

Country Living


We are very pleased to announce that one of our most popular radios has landed itself a moment in the spotlight.

The now famous farmyard radio that came into Wayne’s Radios Accident and Emergency Department in a very sad and sorry state and looked completely beyond all hope …


… yes it was a very ugly duckling of a radio, but we like to rise to a challenge and it was finally transformed into a beautiful swan.

P1060049This is what keeps us going, here at Wayne’s Radios, and how fitting it is that this wonderful little radio’s moment of glory should be in Country Living.  


It would make any country kitchen complete, especially if you had the aga to match.