Guide Price List and How to Buy

Wayne’s Radios come in all shapes and sizes.  We repair, restore and modify Vintage radios from the thirties to the seventies.  

Our aim is to combine the convenience of music from mp3 or iPhone with the beauty of distinctive vintage styling.  Whenever possible, we retain the wonderful warm sound of the original valve.

Prices from £80 to £350 including delivery, depending on age, size and rarity.

Ask for our Guide Price List or tell us what you’re looking for.

For further information Contact Maddie at



  1. Paul · May 22, 2015

    Hi Wayne,

    I don’t suppose you stock parts for Cossor radios? In particular I happen to be looking for a dial glass for a Cossor 464AC model and also the dial knob on the right hand side for tuning?

    My email is:

    Kind regards,

    Paul Callaghan

    • waynesradios · August 11

      Hi Paul
      Sorry about the delay in responding to you. I set off to find out if we had a Cossor 464AC in the storeroom because I’m sure I’ve seen one and then as I couldn’t find it forgot about getting back to you to let you know. I hope in the meantime you’ve managed to find your missing bits. If you haven’t I will keep my eyes out and if I find anything will be in touch.

      Regards Maddie

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  3. Richard Keddie · July 29

    I’m looking for a Roberts radio in Mustard.
    Do you have anything available at the moment – or could keep my details you notify me when you do?
    Thanks and kind regards.

    • waynesradios · July 29

      Hi Richard. We will definitely keep an eye out for a Roberts radio in Mustard for you. We may have one in the store. I’ll get back to you if we have. Maddie

  4. Richard Keddie · July 29

    Thanks, Maddie
    … Maybe an Olive Green too, if you could let me know?
    Best wishes

    • waynesradios · January 22

      Hi Richard

      Are you still interested in a mustard Roberts Radio?

  5. Peter Gostelow · August 10

    I have a ric 2 in really good condition ser no 38576 in mustard any offers?

    • waynesradios · August 11

      Hi Peter

      Thank you for your enquiry. Please email some pics and some idea of how much you want for it … Is it working?

      Many thanks

  6. Paul Murtagh · February 7

    HI Wayne i have a ferranti 145 in good shape I live in Ireland though let me know if your interested.

    • waynesradios · February 8

      Thanks for letting us know but we’re not buying one off new radios at the moment unless we have a buyer lined up.

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