Garden Bouquet


This little square side plate measures 7.5″ and is in very good vintage condition with no chips or cracks.  Beautifully decorated with the GARDEN BOUQUET pattern which was made from an engraving and hand-coloured.  They were Manufactured from 1940-1970 by Johnson Brothers, England as part of their Windsor Ware collection. Each piece has a hand-tinted underglaze making the bright yellows, blues and pinks permanent and acid resisting.


This design, although quintessentially English, can mostly be found in the United States so possibly made for the export market.

P1130043 P1130042

The rope edging and floral design make it perfect for display or to serve fondant fancies for a forties or fifties tea party.


Fabulous Forties


We’d love to share with you this great forties Cossor in our trademark Nordic Blue.  One of our latest before and afters.  I know, looking distinctly green in this light but, in its original state, this Cossor did look shabby and certainly not chic.  Looking unloved and sorry for itself it was just begging for a makeover.

When it was chosen as a gift for a thoroughly modern miss, the brown and boring just had to go. Wayne’s Radios waved its magic wand and the radio now sits stylishly in her room.  We know she’s chuffed to bits at how it’s turned out. We hope you agree it’s a great improvement.


Radio Roundup

387707234A little look back at Wayne’s Radios 2014.  We’ve had the good fortune to hook up with vintage radio lovers who appreciate the style and sound of a vintage radio as much as we do.  We’ve worked on radios in many different shapes and sizes, met some amazing people and travelled the length and breadth of the country.

We’re now looking forward to 2015 and getting started on one or two of these. Just a sample of our extensive radio collection.



Check out the FB10 made in 1950 by Kolster Brandes.  Originally marketed as The Magic Midget and now more commonly known as The Toaster.


Moulded in one piece with no cardboard back, it looks good from any angle and the controls cleverly sit, neatly balancing the shape, in the bottom corners like little feet.


At only 25 x 17 x 16 cm, it is indeed a tiny little thing and a dead ringer for a 1950’s toaster, both a wonderful piece of practical design.

Vintage Farmyard Radio


Stage One, the spiders have been evicted, the cabinet has been cleaned, sanded and had two coats of undercoat.


Stage Two, we finally agreed on a colour.  Bakelite Cossor Melody Makers are close to our hearts.  Back in the eighties, a Melody Maker was the first of our vintage valve radios bought from an antique shop in Gwydir Street in Cambridge.  Who would have imagined that all these years later we would be sharing our love of vintage radios and renovating and restoring them.


The Final Cut – 1938 Vintage Valve Radio


The restoration of this beautiful 1938 Vintage Pilot valve radio is now complete and it’s ready and waiting for a new home.  We secretly don’t mind if it takes a week or two on this occasion as it looks pretty good right where it is.