No frills or furbelows

The Fenman II is definitely a no messing kind of man’s radio.  It’s big, solid and dependable.  Made by Pye, Cambridge, England in the mid-fifties to rival the continental bad boys.  What it may lack in styling, it more than makes up for in sound.


This ten valve radio is considered, by some, to be ‘without doubt, the best valved radio made in the UK, with push pull output and 4 speakers’.  

A luxury model when it was introduced in the fifties and, according to Pye Ltd the ‘multiple loudspeaker system maintains a true balance of treble and bass in every part of the room and adds an unusual realism and depth to the reproduction’.


Very soon it will be on its way to its new home in Ireland where the new owner has been patiently waiting.  The latest of our well-travelled radios.  Not the best looking radio we’ve seen, weighs a ton, missing the original knobs, but quality none the less.

Vintage Farmyard Radio


Stage One, the spiders have been evicted, the cabinet has been cleaned, sanded and had two coats of undercoat.


Stage Two, we finally agreed on a colour.  Bakelite Cossor Melody Makers are close to our hearts.  Back in the eighties, a Melody Maker was the first of our vintage valve radios bought from an antique shop in Gwydir Street in Cambridge.  Who would have imagined that all these years later we would be sharing our love of vintage radios and renovating and restoring them.