Radio Retrospective

We’ve been taking a little look back at some of the radios we’ve rescued in 2016. Bring on 2017 there’s work to be done.  



Strut & Cluck


Strut & Cluck, invite you to connect your music app to their Wayne’s Radio to create your own mood in their private dining room in their restaurant in Shoreditch.  They will serve you with their home cooking inspired Eastern Mediterranean free range turkey and seasonal dishes in the most relaxing of surroundings.  As well as the food, you can feast on the range of vintage radios on display.

Can you spot the grey Cossor?  An opportunity to enjoy experience a culinary treat and soundcheck a Wayne’s Radio.   What could be better.


151-153 Commercial Street, Shoreditch E1 6BJ

Tel: 020 7078 0770 or Email:

Fabulous Forties


We’d love to share with you this great forties Cossor in our trademark Nordic Blue.  One of our latest before and afters.  I know, looking distinctly green in this light but, in its original state, this Cossor did look shabby and certainly not chic.  Looking unloved and sorry for itself it was just begging for a makeover.

When it was chosen as a gift for a thoroughly modern miss, the brown and boring just had to go. Wayne’s Radios waved its magic wand and the radio now sits stylishly in her room.  We know she’s chuffed to bits at how it’s turned out. We hope you agree it’s a great improvement.


Vintage Farmyard Radio


Stage One, the spiders have been evicted, the cabinet has been cleaned, sanded and had two coats of undercoat.


Stage Two, we finally agreed on a colour.  Bakelite Cossor Melody Makers are close to our hearts.  Back in the eighties, a Melody Maker was the first of our vintage valve radios bought from an antique shop in Gwydir Street in Cambridge.  Who would have imagined that all these years later we would be sharing our love of vintage radios and renovating and restoring them.


Farmyard Vintage Radio Challenge


We do like a challenge here at Wayne’s Radios.  Our latest endeavour was found lurking in the back of a barn.  It’s got woodworm holes, bird poo and a complete spider cemetery, but we will not be beaten.  In fact, watch this space.  As this vintage valve radio is in such poor condition and should really have ended in a skip, we’re going to give it a complete transformation and maybe even get a bit creative.

Most Cossors are common or garden.  They were made in their thousands in the early fifties in wood or bakelite but the large speaker gives out a good sound and lots of volume so this one definitely deserves a second chance.