Sun, Sand and Radios


Wayne had been working so hard fixing up radios, it was time to go and soak up some sun and paddle in the sea.


It wasn’t long before he’d stumbled across four vintage radios in the back of a local junk shop and we couldn’t help wondering how easy it would be to get them shipped back home.   Here in Gozo we had found a kindred spirit.   The largest of the radios was actually working, very unusual for radios we’ve seen gathering dust back in the UK. The owner and his customer were thoughtfully poring over it.  We could only understand “poor reception” and “Radio Malta”, but it was all I could do to wrestle the screwdriver from Wayne and steer him from the shop. Feeling a bit tired thinking about all that we settled on a long cool drink instead.

Radio Rediffusion began broadcasting in Malta in 1935 with the original intention of countering Italian Fascist propaganda.   Radio continued to be popular here, well into the 1970s and judging by the attention the vintage radios were getting in the junkshop here on Gozo, maybe Gozo would be a good spot for a branch of Wayne’s Radios.

JoJo doesn’t live on Gozo, he’s from Skegness but I needed an excuse to share him with you.