Remastered HMV


Feeling a little bit jealous.  Not only has this fabulous fifties HMV been given a complete overhaul and rejuvenating facelift, but also made its way to a new home in Cyprus.  Originally made back in 1954 and now looking so very 2017.

Perhaps not our furthest travelled vintage radio but definitely up there as one of the most beautiful.

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Tick Tock


A change is good as a rest here at Wayne’s Radios, so our attention has temporarily turned to a cream and brown bakelite Vintage Clock Radio built by EKCO in 1956. Comparatively small, it just fits neatly on a bedside cabinet.

Whenever possible we like to keep everything as it was originally, but sometimes the only way we can prolong a radio’s useful life is with sympathetic alterations. This little lovely will therefore be restored and modified by the addition of a modern amplifier.  This moderation will enable the radio to be used with an MP3 or similar device to make it possible to enjoy your own music collection, or access DAB radio with a simple plug in.

The vintage radio continues to be both beautiful and useful and there will be one less radio that ends up in landfill.  Groovy and green.  How good is that.