Pretty Perfect 1961 PYE Vintage Radio


Whilst out and about we’ve found a beautifully clean PYE Table Receiver which we believe was built in 1961. Unlike so many other radios, this one has obviously been well loved.  No time spent in a dirty shed or outbuilding collecting woodlice and spiders.  We’ve just given it a little tickle with a feather duster and voila. We haven’t got the back off yet, but fingers crossed.

1961 saw four Elvis Presley hits, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Wooden Heart, Surrender and His Latest Flame.  Shirley Bassey was belting out Reach For The Stars/Climb Every Mountain and The Everly Brothers were Walkin’ Back To Happiness.  

In the news, John F Kennedy was inaugurated as president of the United States, Harold MacMillan was Prime Minister in the United Kingdom and it was the year the Berlin Wall was built.

Upcycled Vintage External Speaker


Sometimes whilst out and about, something just catches our attention and we think … ah we could do something with that.  Perhaps it doesn’t look a thing of beauty at the moment, but with a little bit of tender loving care and a dash of modern technology we think we’ve got ourselves another unique iPod Docking station.  This time fashioned from an abandoned vintage speaker.  Although we managed to resist buying this one, we’ve got a secret stash in the workshop so it’s just a matter of time.