Que Sera Sera. A Blue Spot Radio


This is our newly restored 1950s vintage valve radio made in Germany by Blaupunkt.  Although the radio came to us looking very dirty and distressed we knew it would be worth spending time on.  The  name Blaupunkt came from the blue spot that was used by the “Ideal” company to mark products passing quality control.   The blue spot became synonymous with quality and innovation.  People started asking for blau punkt products and inevitably this became the company’s trademark and name.  As you can see it’s now looking lovely once more and sounds as good as it did back in 1956 when Doris Day was singing Que Sera Sera. 

The blue spot also featured in the collage we used for our Christmas card this year by Maddie Gosling. You can see more of Maddie’s work  at http://maddiegosling.tumblr.com/  and also on some of our radios.




Art Attacked Vintage Radios

In their original state, some radios are no longer working and the casings appear too damaged to restore. Amazingly these radios can be rescued from the scrapheap by artist Maddie Gosling,   She carefully selects images taken from, equally sad looking, vintage books. After hours of patient work and several coats of varnish, the rebuilt cases have been transformed.  Reunited with their repaired electronics they become fully functioning, one-of-a-kind, iPod docking stations with an impressive valve sound.