All Things Bright and Beautiful


1947 Marconi bakelite radio.  This lovely little radio has come up a treat.


Now to get going on its partner.  Both radios are second set radios, complete with carrying handle.  These were the first portable radios, intended to be moved from room to room, although compared to modern transistor radios they still weigh a ton.

The cabinet is painted bakelite. the contrast of the cream with the red handle and knobs is a great combination.  The second radio has cream knobs and handle and the cabinet is plain dark brown bakelite.  Do you think it might feel a plain Jane?  We’ll keep you posted.

Open Sesame

We took one ugly duckling G Marconi Radiogram and turned it into a beautiful swan.


Although the record deck and radio were later additions to the original G Marconi cabinet.  They have been lovingly restored, mounted on a new base and look like they were made for each other.