Broken Glass

Our latest challenge came from the beautiful island of Madeira.  We received an email from a man looking for a replacement glass panel for a Diora Calypso 62015 which has great sentimental value for his family but was sadly now broken.


As a rule, we’re loath to break up restorable sets but can’t resist a sob story.  We had an “oh go on” moment and the glass was duly removed, protected by some serious packing, double boxed until it was almost the size of the original radio and shipped off to Madeira with fingers crossed.  The glass on a vintage radio is always the most difficult to replace and the first thing to get broken.

It was a nailbiting wait.  At one point the radio was lost in transit and we thought it had all been for nothing until it was finally tracked down at the airport.

At last we were able to breathe a great sigh of relief when we received the news that it had been located and had finally arrived in one piece.  One happy radio, customer and his Dad and that’s what makes this job so worthwhile. 


Worth the money, to see my father remembering my grandma and his childhood.

The only problem  … we’re now looking for a replacement glass panel for a Diora Calypso 62015.

1938 Vintage Valve Radio – Stage Two


Behold a thing of beauty.  All the hard work that’s gone into bringing this 1938 vintage valve radio is beginning to pay off.  If you compare the craftsmanship of the vintage cabinet to the modern cheap and nasty flat pack CD rack standing next to it, you can see there’s no comparison.


The decorated dial has been carefully cleaned with a Q Tip to remove seventy five years worth of grime.

The next stage is to replace the speaker cloth and the wooden bars across the front and then there is just the small matter of the vintage electronics.