Where in the World is Skamleback or Schenect’y?


It’s a combination of little things which make rescuing valve radios a thrill.   Our latest restoration project, a 1938 floor-standing Pilot Radio has made our day by revealing the most amazing tuning dial.  Often the dials on vintage valve radios are painted on glass and are either broken, faded or wiped clean.  They rarely stand up to the test of time. Imagine our delight when this sadly neglected seventy something year old was dismantled and cleaned and we could gradually see the muted colours and decorative design on this dial.  A work of art in its own right.  Look closely, you might even find your city.  Let me know if you do.

Radio Days

Work In Progress

I bet you’re wondering what’s on the workbench today.  We’ve got several items of vintage technology in varying states of undress. An enormous 1930s Pilot completely stripped bare, a medium sized 1950s Blaupunkt waiting patiently for parts and two tiny 1960s Roberts ready for reassembly. That’s what’s great about Vintage Radio restoration. No two radios or days are ever the same.