Radio Retrospective

We’ve been taking a little look back at some of the radios we’ve rescued in 2016. Bring on 2017 there’s work to be done.  



Going Dutch

We were recently asked to source a radiogram for a customer, after seeing and hearing one of our previous restorations whilst on holiday in Brittany at La Chaumine.

The result was this beautiful Bush RG46 radiogram from 1954.  With a fully restored radio, brand new record deck, aux input for mp3 or bluetooth and personally delivered to its new home in Alkmaar, Holland.

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Definitely the best Wayne’s Radio roadtrip so far.   It included night ferry from Harwich, tour of the beautiful town of Alkmaar, educational visit to the cheese museum, slice of Apple Cake, a fabulous lunch, climb up a working windmill, several cups of coffee and an assortment of traditional biscuits.   All this was courtesy of a generous chunk of Dutch hospitality from the radiogram’s new owners.  We ended the trip with a large glass of wine and a well earned rest on the night ferry home.  A job well done.
As for Alkmaar, definitely go visit, it’s worth the trip.

Radio Roundup

387707234A little look back at Wayne’s Radios 2014.  We’ve had the good fortune to hook up with vintage radio lovers who appreciate the style and sound of a vintage radio as much as we do.  We’ve worked on radios in many different shapes and sizes, met some amazing people and travelled the length and breadth of the country.

We’re now looking forward to 2015 and getting started on one or two of these. Just a sample of our extensive radio collection.


Never Gonna Give You Up

It was a sad day when this poor little radio arrived.  Wrapped only in layers of newspaper, it just didn’t stand a chance.


The glass and cabinet were smashed and a lesser man would have given up right there.  For a moment or two we thought it might be a terminal case.

Hey no.  We don’t give up that easily. With a bit of love and attention the begging and borrowing of glass from Peter to pay Paul, and the soundtrack from Rick Astley, our Superman has saved the day.  The radio lives to play on.


Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you

Radio Days

Work In Progress

I bet you’re wondering what’s on the workbench today.  We’ve got several items of vintage technology in varying states of undress. An enormous 1930s Pilot completely stripped bare, a medium sized 1950s Blaupunkt waiting patiently for parts and two tiny 1960s Roberts ready for reassembly. That’s what’s great about Vintage Radio restoration. No two radios or days are ever the same.