Flower Power

The 252 is a first-class piece of engineering and a very fine piece of furniture.

pic2The Murphy A252 from 1956 is now working and the valves sounding wonderful once more.  The speaker grill cloth, brass trim and African veneer cabinet cleaned, polished and restored to its former glory.   Any guesses where it’s headed off to?  I’ve given you a clue or two.

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It’s now nestling in the shade as part of Hornby Garden Designs vintage garden at this year’s Shrewsbury Flower Show.

Sweet Music At The Shrewsbury Coffee House


Not only serving great coffee and food during the day, but the evenings also come alive with Poetry Readings, Book Clubs, Art Exhibitions and Live Music.  The Shrewsbury Coffee House has become an integral part of the thriving arts scene of the town. It has a well deserved reputation for service with a smile and is home to a great 1956 Vintage Radio, one of our recent renovations.  What more could you want?