Radio Retrospective

We’ve been taking a little look back at some of the radios we’ve rescued in 2016. Bring on 2017 there’s work to be done.  




Perfect Day

We’ve had an exciting day out collecting a car full of radios and valves.?????????????????

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to visit a bit of Britain we wouldn’t normally see and a great excuse to stop and grab an all day breakfast from a greasy spoon. If only the journey was a bit longer, then we could’ve squeezed in a coffee and cake stop too.

Passing the travelling time with 6 Music and listing all the tracks that have a girl’s name in the the title, until it got far too tricky and we moved onto boys. Oh the joys of a Wayne’s Radios Road Trip – cue Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

When we got back, the first radio out of the back of the car was this lovely looking 1950s cream Ferguson and the day was complete.  I know, we’re very easily pleased.  Now all that’s left to do is photograph and store the radios and sort and catalogue the valves.  I think it may very well see us through the long winter months.


 How did you spend your Perfect Day?

Floyd’s on Shacklewell Lane


Some of our radios are showing off at our favourite cosy restaurant and cocktail corner.  Floyd’s on Shacklewell Lane in downtown Dalston.  We last visited for late breakfast when the restaurant was bright and breezy, full of sunny days and Sweden.


Visit at night and it’s even better.  The restaurant transforms into an intimate and atmospheric night spot.  Loud and lovely.  Floyd’s would make a perfect place for a first date.  No one would spot an awkward gap in the conversation and there’s always people or radio watching if you’ve picked a dud.


Oh … and the food.  Well that speaks for itself.  It truly is a taste sensation.

If all that’s not enough for a perfect evening out, the cocktails also pack a pretty mean punch.

 Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself.  Be there or be square.

Old Spitalfields Market


A great day at Spitalfields yesterday. The sun shone and the radios got lots of compliments and admiring glances. It’s good to know that a valve radio can make itself heard over the market throng. The Blaupunkt Sultan played all day. Now that’s what we call a sound soak test.

Encouraged by the positive reaction, we’re planning on going to the Thursday Vintage market next, taking a whole stall to showcase radios from different eras.  We’ll keep you posted.

Radio Rescue



Until very recently our house looked a lot like this.  Different days, different piles of dusty and dirty radios. Over the winter months we’ve been collecting over 150 radios from the private collection we’ve acquired and they’re now finally catalogued and safely stored.  The house is back to normal and the workshop looks a little like a radio museum.  This was the very last batch.  Phew.


We were tempted to use this design idea and keep them as a feature wall, but I’m not sure our house could do them justice.  To be honest, until they’ve been completely overhauled some of them don’t look that nice and as they’ve been stored in a dirty barn, they don’t smell that good either.